Friday, July 24, 2009

Inquirer article

It's time to enshrine Dick Allen

The 2007 and 2008 New York Mets did the Phillies - and perhaps Dick Allen - a huge favor by managing to collapse two years in a row, thus paving the way for the Phillies to win the World Series last season. The Mets officially have erased the stigma once attached to the Phils' 1964 flameout.

For years, that disaster has been melded in the minds of local fans with the six-year train wreck of Allen's first tenure in Philadelphia. It's time to admit what we've always known: Dick Allen belongs in the Hall of Fame.

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Mark 'Frog" Carfagno said...

Yes another article calling for the enshrinement of Dick Allen and by a well known writer out of New York, Allan Barra. That's the problem. When the story is published, it's time to move on to another story for the journalist. Then Dick Allen is once again forgotten and out of the spotlight. The question is how to keep the name of Dick Allen in that spotlight until he is finally inducted into Cooperstown ?

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