Sunday, May 3, 2009

Phillies Wallpaper

I made this a couple of months ago before I re-launched the DA HOF site.

The face in the middle is from the Phillies WALL OF FAME at Citizens Bank Park.


Anonymous said...

It is ridiculus that Dick Allen is not in the hof.I saw great players in my youth growing up in the bronx.Mantle,Mays,Aaron,Clemente and others,and Dick Allen was as great a hitter as any of them.I could not beleive the last ballot they had for hall consideration the Mr.Allen only received 7 votes.What a joke!Dick Allen is the most talented hitter i have ever seen,and he was hitting against some the greatest pitching ever in the history of baseball,when pitching a complete game was the norm.Thankyou for your website I didn't know that someone else felt the way I do.Ron Callahan.

Richard said...

I just came across this site in my search for some Allen photos. I am 54 years old and grew up in Reading, PA. My dad and I attended many Phillies games at Connie Mack Stadium as a kid and Allen was my favorite player. Unfortunately in this time of inflated statistics, it is easy to forget how great a player this guy was. Aside from his suspect fielding, he could hit for average, hit for power, and run the bases as well as anyone in the game. I remember some of his towering home runs over the left filed roof at old Connie Mack. It's sad that he was not fully appreciated for the great player he was. There is no question that had Allen faced the watered down pitching that currently exists, he would have easily hit 500-600 home runs. I am glad to see that this site recognizes his achievements. He will always be my favorite Phillie.

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