Saturday, March 7, 2009

Baseball card time machine

<--- It always bothered me that the last "active" Dick Allen baseball card was this 1976 Topps card. As far as baseball cards go, this has to be one of the most boring photos and undignified end of career card ever. Why Topps never created a 1977 card for him, I have no idea ?

At the time, baseball cards featured images and were based on the rosters from the previous season -- so by all rights there should have been a 1977 card of Dick Allen produced by Topps in a 1976 Phils uniform.

In an effort to right this wrong, I started playing around in photoshop this morning looking to create a 1977 Phillies card for Dick Allen. Here is my result. I honestly think this is a much more fitting "last Phillies" card to one of the best players to ever wear a Philadelphia uniform. As far as photoshop projects go, this process was pretty easy. My next baseball card time machine project will be to produce a a 1978 Topps card featuring Allen on the Oakland Athletics.


Anonymous said...

This is a fantastic looking card! It bothers me to no end that so many players who ended their career in mid season, etc., did not get represented in the Topps sets. Thurman Munson, Willie Horton and Vada Pinson come to mind. Thanks for this great creation

Johnny Cabrera said...

Fantastic card!

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