Monday, March 9, 2009

1978 Oakland A's card

Here is version #1 on my fantasy 1978 Topps Oakland Athletics card for Dick Allen. I have a couple of other 1977 A's images that might look better, but I was bored today and wanted to make a attempt. I will post the others as I get some time to play around with photoshop.

The concept is this: The last Dick Allen active MLB baseball card was from the Topps 1976 set. This always seemed unjust to me -- because he finished his major league career during the 1977 season with the Oakland Athletics. Typically the baseball cards for the next season (in this case 1978) featured players from the previous year. I know that DA "retired" during the season. But did Topps really need to produce a Pablo Torreabla or Tim Hosley card instead ?


Eric said...

This looks fantastic. I stumbled upon it on a Google Image search for 1978 A's cards, and I was stunned that I had somehow amassed about a million of cards that summer and never came up with this one. Kudos to you!

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